Monday, 14 June 2010

Sister Hope is no longer accepting pads

Just a quick FYI: Sister Hope is no longer accepting pad donations. Instead, they have partnered up with Afri-Pads, a female run initiative in Uganda, to distribute menstrual kits to school girls. For every bag purchased from Sister Hope, a menstrual kit will be given to a girl in need. The reusable cloth pads in the kits are sewn by local women who are employed by Afri-Pads, providing much needed income for local female artisans.  I wish Sister Hope much success with their new direction.

"Sponsor A Pad" will still be available from Luna Wolf, but pads will now be sent to Project Thrive for their Days for Girls programme.

Also, I have a potential venue for a charity pad making party! I'm hoping to organise this for either late summer or early autumn. Anyone who's interested can come along and help sew pads (or just cut fabric if you don't sew!) for women in need. It's still very much in the early planning stage, so expect to hear more about it as things progress. The only definite so far is that there must be cupcakes.

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