Sunday 13 September 2009

New Fabrics!

I have a hard time finding beautiful modern prints here in the UK, and often have to order my designer cottons from the USA. So, imagine my delight at stumbling upon Gone to Earth, a UK based supplier of stunning designer fabrics!

Some of these prints are already made up into pads in the shop, and yesterday I colour-matched thread so that I can make more this week. Yay! New prints make me feel so inspired!

I also found a beautiful floral print at my local quilt shop, which puts me in mind of dresses from the 1940s. It's more modern and graphic than the 1940s prints, but definitely has that vibe. If only I could justify buying enough of it to make a dress! Still, it's an absolute joy to work with, and makes beautiful pads.

Finally... I still have a small amount of fabric left from when I had my Reclaimed Fabric section. I've added a couple of pads made from upcycled fabric to my Cloth Pad Shop store, as part of the "ecology" theme. They are topped with the most gorgeous deep purple velour, and because they are upcycled, they are cheaper than my usual stock (remember, at CPS the price is in Euros!). I have more upcycled liners cut out and ready to sew, so keep an eye out!