Wednesday 26 August 2009

New Prices, New Cores

Wow, it's been a long time. Sorry about that. The last few weeks have been super busy - I've been dealing with family visits, sick pets, broken down cars, and prolonged bureacratic nonsense that I can't make head nor tail of. Why does everything always happen at once?!

Anyhow... the reason for today's update is that I am making a few minor changes at Luna Wolf. I wanted to let you know in advance, since it seems rude to just throw it out there without any notice.

The first change is pricing. You're probably thinking that there's only one way this can go, and I'm afraid you'd be right - I am indeed going to be raising my prices. I've kept them at this level for as long as I possibly could, but it's time for a revision. The prices of my supplies have continued to go up, and I'm at the point where I can no longer afford to keep this business unless I make some changes.

My new prices will come into effect on 7th September 2009. It was originally planned for 1st September, but since I posted this later then I intended, I'm giving you an extra week to make the most of the old prices. My new price list will be as follows:

Pantiliner: £3.75
8.5 inch pad: £4.85
9 inch pad: £5.45
Incontinence pad: £5.45
10.25 inch pad: £5.99
11.75 inch pad: £7.10
"Monster" night pad: £8.75
Menstrual cup bag: £2.75

Make-up remover pads, fabrics by the metre, Femmecups, and Femmecup starter sets will stay the same for now.

I do empathise with people who are on a tight budget, and I'm hoping that the price raise will enable me to start running free lotteries again, and hold sales once in a while. I also update my Squidoo lens regularly with ideas for creating a stash without breaking the bank.

The second change at Luna Wolf is that I am going to be reformulating some of my pad cores slightly. The core is the absorbent "soaker" part that is hidden inside. I use a mixture of medium and heavyweight bamboo fleece to create the absorbency I want for each pad, measured in GSM (grams per square metre). The higher the GSM, the more absorbent the pad. Anyway, I've decided to increase the GSM in some of my cores to make them even more absorbent. Since bamboo fleece is very thin and flexible for its extraordinary level of absorbency, it's unlikely that you will feel much difference in the thickness of the pads. You'll just find that the cores can hold even more fluid!

As always, if I use a heavier or lighter core, I will note it in the listing. But for my standard cores, here are the new GSM figures if you're interested. (I am not including the quilter's cotton or flannelette in these figures, even though these have some absorbency of their own.)

Pantiliner: 280gsm (no change)
8.5 inch pad: was 560gsm, now 605 gsm
9 inch pad: was 605 gsm, now 640 gsm
10.25 inch pad: 840 gsm (no change)
11.75 inch pad: was 840 gsm, now 880 gsm
"Monster" night pad: 880 gsm (no change)

I think that's all my news for now. A huge thanks to everybody who continues to support Luna Wolf, and I'll try not to be such a stranger to Blogspot anymore.