Friday 26 November 2010

Christmas Pads!

Given that it is snowing softly outside, this seems like the perfect time to announce a new arrival to the store - Christmas pads!

I have to admit that I previously never understood the point of holiday pads, until a couple of years ago when I received one in a trade. That year Aunt Flo arrived on Christmas day (having arrived on my birthday the previous month), and I was very glad to have a shiny new festive pad to wear. It helped take the sting out of being crampy at Christmas, and has since become one of my favourite year-round pads.

So far the Christmas pads are available in pantiliner, 8.5 inch, 9 inch, and 10.25 inch sizes. 11.75 inch Christmas pads are in progress, and I have a menstrual cup pouch waiting to be sewn up.

Speaking of Christmas, after four years of living together, my partner and I have just bought our very first Christmas tree! I can't wait to decorate it. I don't think I will be adorning it with mini pads, though... ;)