Monday 31 October 2011

And now for something completely different! Waterproof pouches, and tube pads

Luna Wolf has an exciting new addition to the shop - waterproof pad pouches!

These beauties are handmade by the lovely Sarah from AngelPadz, and come in large and small sizes. The large size holds approximately 4 medium pads, and is perfect for storing your pads when out and about. It would also be a very attractive make-up or toiletry bag! The small size holds a single liner or medium pad, and fits discreetly into a handbag or pocket. It's great for carrying a spare pad around.

Both sizes are made from quilter's cotton and lined with PUL. The large pouches fasten with zips, and the small ones with snaps. They are available in the new Waterproof Pouches category, and I expect to be ordering many more of them in future!

On a different subject entirely, I have a friend who runs a charity for poorly children. This weekend she received a request for some cloth "tube pads", and is looking for volunteers to sew some. Kids with tubes and buttons often experience leakage, which irritates their skin and makes them sore. They then end up having to wear medical dressings that are uncomfortable, not to mention boring!

Cloth tube pads are very quick and easy to make, and are a great way of using up scraps of fabric. You can find instructions here. I used three layers of flannel for the first few, and one layer of flannel plus one layer of bamboo fleece for the rest.

If you find yourself with an hour to spare, why not whip a few up and send them over to Vikki at Post Pals?