Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Luna Wolf HQ

I thought I'd post some photos of my new sewing room, so you can see where your Luna Wolf goodies are made. If you click on the pictures, you'll be able to roll your cursor over them and read my fascinating (ahem) annotations. Enjoy!

Sewing table, sewing machine, snap press and iron:

Desk, computer, finished pads, files:

Fabric storage, finished pads, packaging materials, tunes:

I should have taken pictures earlier in the day so you could see the view from the window. It's like being in a treehouse.

In other news, a fellow pad maker is starting an online free magazine for women, featuring articles on menstrual related topics and other women's issues. The focus is on empowering women, discussing alternative menstrual products, sharing help and advice, and more. It's called Vermilion Magazine, and the first issue will be available for download on June 1st.

As Vermilion Mag is just starting out, it needs your help to keep it going! Can you contribute a positive article on menstruation, a photo of your cloth pad stash and/or favourite pad, or menstrual related art or poetry? Even a favourite recipe? If so, please contact Vermilion Mag. The editor would be delighted to hear from you.

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