Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fabric Addiction

I love that I have a job that enables me to feed my fabric addiction. Buying fabric counts as work, and is therefore justified. I don't even mind that it isn't for me, as long as I get to play with it.

Now that I've moved to Shropshire, I'm about two miles away from the most wonderful quilting shop I've ever visited. Tucked away above a dentist's surgery in a small rural village, you'd never know it was there. Discovering it is like finding hidden treasure. Two rooms are dedicaded to floor-to-ceiling shelving packed with bolts of gorgeous designer quilting fabric. These are adjacent to an enormous studio with state of the art quilting and cutting equipment, where they host workshops and events. You can even hire the studio for personal use, if sewing at home is difficult.

After we got settled in, of course one of the first things we did was visit this place. This is what I came away with:


Some of these beautiful new prints have already been made up into pads, and I have more cut out, so look out for them in the shop! I seem to be all about the blossoms and birds at the moment; it must be summer.

In other news, the shop got pretty well cleared out earlier this month, so my partner stepped in to help me re-stock. We've discovered that we make quite a formidable team! She's taken most of the cutting off my hands, leaving me free to concentrate on the sewing. I hadn't realised how much time the fabric cutting eats up - a lot, it turns out. With her help I've reached a record 40 products in the shop, several of them having more than one in stock. More choice for you, and less stress for me!

We don't know how long she'll be able to help me before she gets too busy again, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I like having a minion.


  1. Your new fabrics are soo gorgeous! I am in love with them! Especially the birds and blossoms fabric :)
    I am loving my lovebug pad!

  2. That's my favourite too, Dalya! Glad you're enjoying the lovebug pad. :)

  3. I just spent an age going through that list of courses - I am so very jealous of you having that shop. Fabric shopping in Edinburgh's a bit lousy, to be honest.

    Oh, also! Do you still have the selvedge/details for the middle yellowy fabric? I have the green in my quilt, and I think it's called something cotton-y, but I have no idea anymore who designed it (it's from the old "piles of fabric I love but have nothing to do with" collection"!)