Sunday 23 August 2015

Tutorial: How to make a pad with an overlocked (serged) exposed core

Exposed cores are a great way of adding a bit of variety to your pad stash.  You may have already seen my tutorial for a 4-layer exposed core pantiliner.  This tutorial is for a heavier duty pad with an exposed core.  Unlike the pantiliner tutorial, you do not stitch through the whole pad when adding the exposed core.  This prevents blood from wicking through the stitches and going through your pad.  I'm using polar fleece as a backing in this tutorial, but PUL would work great too.

This post assumes that you have already downloaded and are familiar with the Luna Wolf patterns/tutorial set with templates and instructions - if not, you can find it here.

First, cut out the layers of fabric you will be using for your core.  I do this by cutting out rectangles just slightly bigger than my core template.  Here, I have used two layers of bamboo fleece and one layer of patterened flannel. 

Stack these pieces of fabric, making sure that the fabric you want on the top is right side up.  Pin in the centre - you don't want the pins anywhere near the edges where the overlocker will be cutting.

Draw around your core template with a water-erasable or air-erasable pen.  This line will be visible on the finished pad, so you will want something that will wash out.

Using the line as a guide, overlock/serge around your core.  Don't worry about the tail, as this can be tucked in underneath the core later.  If you don't have an overlocker, you can use zigzag stitch just inside the line, and then trim the excess fabric with scissors (see the Luna Wolf patterns/tutorial set for instructions/photographs).

Cut out your backing pieces.  I used flannel on the top, and polar fleece on the bottom.  Pin your core right side up to the right side of the piece you want facing upwards - in my case, the blue flannel - tucking the tail underneath.  Stitch the core to this piece only.  I stitched around the edge of the core, just inside the overlock stitch.  Now place your topping and backing fabrics right sides together.  The core will be sandwiched inside.

Sew the topping and backing pieces together as per the Luna Wolf tutorial, leaving a space to turn.  Trim the seam allowance, leaving it longer at your turning space.  Turn the pad right side out, using a knitting needle, chopstick or similar to tease out the corners.  The core is now sitting on top of your pad.  Tuck in the fabric at the turning space, and press.

Topstitch the pad as per the Luna Wolf tutorial.  The trick to this is to keep the foot over the core (see photo below).  If the foot goes underneath, it will bump against the stitches and throw off your line.

Add fastenings, and enjoy your new exposed core pad!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. Would you give me permission to use it in our church and donate the printed patterns and instructions to the kids in Central America? Can I have it translated into Spanish?