Sunday 23 August 2015

Tutorial: Sewing Along a Guide Line

Most sewing patterns include seam allowance, so that you draw around a template that is larger than your finished item, cut the fabric out on this line, and then sew a specified distance in from the edge of the fabric.  Or you pin the pattern to your fabric and cut around the pattern pieces.

However, pads are often more intricately shaped than other sewn items, and you may find it easier to sew along a pre-drawn line.  If you're having trouble getting your pads looking neat and symmetrical, try this method:

(This post assumes that you have already downloaded the Luna Wolf patterns/tutorial set with templates and instructions - if not, you can find it here.)

First, cut out your template.  However, instead of cutting along the outer line, cut along the inner line.  The template will be the exact size and shape of your finished pad.  In the picture below, I have made a template on clear plastic so I can see the fabric underneath.  Place the template on the wrong side of your topping fabric and draw around it.

Now cut out your pad shape half an inch or so outside of your drawn line.  This is how it will look when you have finished - obviously it will be bigger than your template.

Attach your core to the wrong side of your topping fabric as normal.  The drawn outline will help you centre it.

Cut out your backing fabric, making sure to add seam allowance if you're using the same template.  (You could always print two copies of the templates, and cut out one set on the cutting line, and one set on the sewing line.)  Place the wrong sides together as normal, and pin in place.  Now when you come to sew the pieces together, you will have a nice ink line as a sewing guide.

Tip:  If you find the core is getting in the way and preventing you from turning the corners tightly enough, try using a zipper foot.

Complete your pad as per the Luna Wolf Tutorial - trim seam allowance, turn, press, and topstitch.  Add fastenings and enjoy your pad!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.  Here are my other cloth pad tutorials:

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