Monday 27 July 2015

Success! (Partial)

Great news!  I heard back from Etsy's legal team, and they have removed the infringing listing from Happy Moon Pads' Etsy shop.  Thank you to Danny for dealing with it.

Happy Moon Pads could of course list it again, which she has done in the past, but she has a record now... and Etsy's policy is to "remove and discontinue service to repeat offenders".

I will be keeping a close eye on her Etsy shop, and will be watching Etsy in general in case she decides to open up another shop under a different name.  But for now the main listing is GONE, justice prevails, and I am happy. :)

[Edit 1: I found another infringing listing in her shop - the 11.75 inch pattern which she is attempting to sell separately - so I have reported that to Etsy's legal team also.]

[Edit 2:  The second infringing listing has been removed by Etsy!]

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