Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Vicarious Sewing

Packing for Saturday's move has gone way beyond the fun stage, and is now at the awkward, difficult and inconvenient stage. You know, the stage where you can't walk two feet without tripping over a box, and where you keep needing things that are already packed - usually in a box at the very bottom of a towering pile.

I've held off packing my sewing machine and fabric as long as possible, but today I decided it was time to box them up. Good grief, I have a lot of fabric! I guess when it's all folded away in cupboards I don't really notice how much of it there is, but I've filled several large boxes, and still have to find room for several metres of flannel and microfleece, and two 25m rolls of PUL and bamboo fleece! I had a similar revelation with my yarn stash - how did half of my local yarn store end up in the spare bedroom?!

I feel completely lost without my sewing equipment, and am itching to get back to making pads. In the meantime, I'm enjoying crafting vicariously through other people. It's been great to hear about your pad making projects, such as this one by Sarah in California:

Sarah made this fabulous pad using the 9" pattern in my pattern and tutorial set. Having always had a soft spot for owls, I love her choice of fabric! This is actually a pantiliner weight - one of the best things about making your own pads is that you can customise them to get exactly the size and absorbency you want.

The pattern and tutorial set is currently 15% off, along with everything else in store, until Friday 29th. Happy sewing!

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