Monday, 8 June 2009

My Verdict on the Co-operative Own Brand Stain Remover Powder

Pad cleaning time again! This cycle I replaced my usual Vanish Oxi Action with the Co-operative's own brand to see how the two compare.

I'd say the Co-op's version is about 90% as effective as the Vanish. When the pads came out of the washing machine I was left with one barely visible stain, which disappeared after the pad dried.

The Co-op's version doesn't smell as strong as the Vanish, which is nice for people with chemical sensitivies. (I actually rather like the sherberty smell of the Vanish, though, so I missed it a bit.) It gets odour out nicely, and left my pads smelling clean and fresh.

Although the Vanish seems to have a little extra "oomph", the Co-op's version is plenty good enough for my purposes. It works well, it's about half the price, and better still it's BUAV approved.

I'll definitely be using this from now on, in conjunction with Ecover stain remover for spot-treatment.

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