Monday, 6 February 2012

Taking an indefinite break

Hi folks! I hope you're all doing well.

The title of this post says it all, really. As of today, I will no longer be making Luna Wolf cloth pads. The pads that have just been uploaded will be the last Luna Wolf pads available for sale. (I won't say "EVER!", because that sounds a bit melodramatic, but at least for the forseeable future.)

Why am I winding down Luna Wolf? A few reasons, but first and foremost because I've been doing this for almost five years now, and I'm ready for a change. I've made about 2000 pads during the time Luna Wolf has been open. That's a lot of hours cutting, sewing, photographing and uploading. I've introduced new designs, written a tutorial, sold fabric/menstrual cups/pouches, hosted giveaways, and written articles. I've loved every minute of it, but I'm starting to burn out. After fighting it for a while, I finally came to the conclusion that it's time to close this door and open a new one.

The secondary reason for closing Luna Wolf is that my supplies have gone up in price significantly the last couple of years. Not just fabric, but electricity, sewing machine needles, thread, etc. I can't make a living from pad-making anymore unless I hike my prices way up, and I wouldn't feel right asking £8 for a day pad. (Of course the other option is to become a pad-making superwoman and churn out 30 pads a day, but the reality is that on a good day, I average five pads.)

A few weeks ago I started working as a freelance audio transcriber, and I'm really enjoying the work. The files I transcribe are often very intresting, and I also get to use two of my favourite skills: touch-typing, and correcting people's grammar. ;) I'd like to get certified in medical terminology, and maybe eventually get an administrative position in a hospital.

I have really enjoyed creating and building up Luna Wolf. It's been a fantastic learning experience, and it's allowed me to meet some wonderful people - customers, suppliers, bloggers, and fellow crafters alike. Luna Wolf is also responsible for putting me on a Prince's Trust training course, and meeting one of my very favourite people - my good friend Gemma. I wouldn't change a minute of it.

So how will this work? As stock dwindles, I will condense all the Luna Wolf pads into one category so they're easier to find. I will also continue to offer the Karmic Cloth pads on sale until they're all gone. (I have a bunch of those still to sew up.) The bamboo fleece will stay up until it's all gone; ditto the pouches and cups. I intend to keep the site live so that I can continue selling the patterns/tutorial, and will add some links to other pad sellers that I recommend. I may sell off some of my quilter's cotton and poly fleece - it depends whether or not I can bear to part with it. I certainly do have a lot of it! As always, I will keep you posted.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Luna Wolf over the years. Whether you've spent your hard-earned money on pads, "liked" me on Facebook, been a reliable supplier, or just read my ramblings on this blog, it means more to me than you will ever know.

- Vicky


  1. waaaaah! i know i haven't bought pads in a while, but i have such mixed feelings about this news! i'm happy for you and totally understand, respect, and support your decision (i'm at that point in my work as well)!!! :) but, it's so sad for the cloth pad community as your pads are seriously the best sewn pads out there. i have so much appreciated all the information you have provided the cyber community with on cloth pads. i always recommend your wash method to people! :) i have enjoyed buying pads from you and cherrish your pads that are in my stash. the customs you did for

    i'm out the door to work, but will see what's in your shop.

    hopefully you will continue to blog even though lunawolf will be closing!!! :)

    much aloha and big hugs to you! :)

  2. Agh :( This news is so very upsetting for me..:( Your cloth pads are one of the few best out there. I adore your attention to detail and quality of materials. I totally understand how you feel and wish you the very best in what you want for the future. I looked at your shop and snagged two beautiful flannel pads. Even though you won't be selling cloth pads, you have really helped the cloth pad community/world by offering so much helpful information! I follow your cleaning method, Vicky! hehe :D
    Best wishes,
    - Dalya

  3. I'm sorry to see your business close, but I completely understand where you are coming from.

    You make such gorgeous, well constructed pads and you have a unique taste in fabric! I grabbed two pads last night. It's not like I need new heavy pads, but the prints were just too beautiful :)

    I'm sure you will excel at whatever you want to do, Vicky :) Good luck!

  4. I'm going to really miss your pads being for sale, but I am going to pop over and buy the pattern (as I have been meaning to for ages!) and hopefully I can get to grips with it :) I hope you can pursue the things you wish to, and thanks for making some beautiful pads :)
    Helen x

  5. I totally understand and will probably go the same way soon... Not that I'm all that well known as a seller, at least not outside of Sweden. Still, time to move on!

  6. Aaaahhh.... curse me for not putting you on RSS.. I just checked in your site and was too late to find the news, now almost all your stock is gone... how I wish I had snapped up some of the last pads. I will miss your shop very much! Your pads are just the best, so wonderful, comfortable and such lovely prints. Yes please please do keep the site up so that we can buy your pattern & tutorial and try to learn for ourselves to recreate the absolute best cloth pads out there :)

    Of course I completely understand the feeling of burnout and that you need a fresh direction - wishing you best of luck in all your new endeavours.

    Oh I will miss Luna Wolf so much though!! Thank you again for your pads and all the comfort and pleasure they have brought!

  7. Dear Vicky,

    So good for you to take new steps in your life, turning a different corner. I wish you all the best with that and I'm sure that you will do just as good with it as you've done with making all those pads.
    How sad on the other hand for us all who loved your pads.
    For me, they are by far the best out there!!
    Maybe you remember that once I ordered just a bunch of pantyliners in one go? About 1,5 year ago?
    Let me tell you, they're still looking as new. And I use a couple each day.
    See, that's how good the fabric and your sewing/stitching is. Still every day these gorgeous pads make me happy, smiley and feel good about myself.
    So much thanks from me, from The Netherlands!

    Good luck with everything Vicky!
    Wishing you all the best :)